Romantic Saddle

A Romantic Saddle Belt – Silver Leather

An enchanting leather belt features a rare combination of two different worlds: the Wild West and a somewhat antique royal look, hence the name “Romantic Saddle”.
The most-part (base) of this excellent feminine belt is a stone-washed silver-colored processed look.
Above, you can see a leaner stripes of golden leather and, to enhance the elegant royal look I added a lightly shaded delicate flower embroidery that gives the ‘Saddle’ its final romantic look.
The belt is sawed impeccably and with great care, and so does the stitches on the golden layer that emphasize the design flow.
Golden studs are also a decorative addition to the belt, and the round soft edges of the stone-washed leather belt will perfectly match your body curves and elegantly compliment your waist on an evening dress, a light tunic, or even a cool trouser.

Closed by golden metal clasps, which embellishes the belt and adjust the belt to a variety of dimensions.